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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Documentation Set

The documentation of the Game is setup in a way that makes the content easy to find and can be viewed or printed. Below you find links to all these documents.
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Salaries in Computer Controlled Countries
Salaries in corporations and Salary Tragets
Score list and rank
Score of conquered countries
Scores and awards
Seals Units
Search Term
Secured Mode
Security Council and the use of Nukes
Security Council Decisions
Security Council rules
Security of Countries and Assets in Simcountry
Selling a Country in War
Selling retained products
Selling shares
Selling weapons and ammunition
Setting Salary Targets
Setting up my defense, I only see some of my weapons. Where is the rest?
Setting up new corporations
Share buying by Countries
Share buying by Enterprises
Share buying by investment funds
Share selling by countries
Share selling by Enterprises
Share splits and reverse splits
Shares owned by Countries
Shares selling by Investment funds
Shortages and Oversupply on the world markets
Simcountry Fast Track
Simcountry Communication In game messages
Simcountry Communication live chat
Simcountry Communication the Forum
Simcountry Dictionary
Simcountry game features
Simcountry Runs Several Game Months Each Day
Sneak attacks
Social security
Social security as a cause of civil unrest
Soldiers and officers
Some Product Descriptions
Sometimes I see my score drop or increase. Why does it happen?
Sometimes production is high, no products remain in stock but revenue is zero. How can that happen?
Special Forces
Split spending limits accumulation
Starting conditions for presidents
Starting new corporations
Starting Your Enterprise
State and national corporations
Strategic Bombers
Strategic forces
Strategic missiles
Strategic weapons
Supplies of Construction, Services, Maintenance, Air Transport and Electric power
Supply of airports, air bases and other large objects
Supply Ships
Supply Units Land based
Supplying Military Units from the Air
Surviving in Fearless Blue
Switching temporary war protection on and off
Tactical Missiles Batteries
Temporary War Protection
Termination by
Termination due to bad performance
Termination of a country after losing a war
Terms and Conditions
The army
The cash flow
The Cash Market
The challenge
The Common Market
The Corporations Super Booster
The defense
The defense index and the country score
The Defense industry
The defensive forces
The details of attacks and the way the defense reacts
The economic effect of having a large army
The Education Index
The education page shows me the cost of educations. Is this per month?
The Enterprise Game
The Exchange rate
The Fighting Quality of Military Units
The investment funds
The map menu customizing maps
The navy
The number of Corporations in an enterprise
The number of weapons per military base
The organization of trade
The peaceful game no defense needed
The President or leader of the country
The Production Process
The Reserve Army
The Security Council in Simcountry
The shares of a corporation, profit and PEratio
The Simcountry site
The size of the army
The stock market in Simcountry
The Strategic air force
The Voting System
The War process
The war process showing distances to potential source of enemy forces
The way the defense works
The way the war index is computed in details
The welfare Index
The world date and daily processing.
The world Features
The World market
There are many corporations producing many Products
There are many wars and we see players defeated. Can we prevent it?
There are shortages of upgrade products, can I purchase them immediately?
There are some limitations in the way you set up the education system
There are three types of attacks, what are these?
There is a difference between the hiring level and the production level. Why does it happen?
There is a shortage of Air Transport. Who can build a corporation?
There is a shortage of Production plants, what can we do about it?
There is a world market demand and supply on the trade page. What is it?
Trade contracts
Trading countries and Enterprises
Trading Game Assets for Real Cash
Trading in shares
Trading in weapons
Trading products in Simcountry
Trading Strategies follow the market
Transfer of funds between conquered countries
Transfer of people between conquered countries
Transfer of weapons between conquered countries
Transportation as a cause of civil unrest
Treaty wars
Triggerhappy nuke users
Trucks and Military Units
Unemployment in my country is going up? Can I do something about it?
Unregistering conquered countries
Upgrading corporations, sell strategy and purchasing strategies
Use of W3Creative services by children
User account
User Communications
Using Military Units Basic Principles
Using Money in The Simcountry Game
Voting in Simcountry Terms And Conditions for use of Privacy Policy
War casualties and the war index
War Damage and damage repair.
War index strategies
War Maps Big Maps and Map updating
War on Computer Controlled Countries
War Protection Booster
Weapons in details
Welfare and the Country Welfare Index
What are efficiency upgrades?
What are production plants and why do I need them?
What are quality upgrades in corporations?
What are Workers needed for new facilities?
What can be attacked in my country?
What can I do when a corporation has shortage of supplies?
What corporations should I keep by making them national industries?
What does W3Creative do to prevent loss or misuse of my information?
What does W3Creative do with the information it collects?
What happens if a country is defeated?
What happens if I sell immediately?
What happens to loans of the corporation when it closes?
What happens when a corporation closes?
What is the delivery time for products?
What is the difference between state and national corporations?
What is the effect of defensive weapons on attacking forces?
What is the influence of good education on the economy?
What is the policy on multi playing?
What is the world production capacity?
What types of Boosters are available now?
What weapons are most effective in attacks and against what?
What weapons are most effective in defense?
When are awards paid and how many are there?
When can I build a new corporation and what are the limitations?
When does month processing take place?
When does the trading take place?
When I select a new location to defend, the slide bars do not change, why?
When I set up my own defense, how do I select a location to defend?
When You Login
When you register to Simcountry
When you start playing
Where do soldiers come from?
Which corporations should you build?
Who can play Simcountry
Who is collecting the information?
Who is getting an award?
Why are the costs for education, transport and defense so high?
Why do I have shortage of lowlevel workers? How can I get more?
Why do I need elementary schools high schools and universities?
Why do I need midlevelmanagers?

How to Play Simcountry