Starting conditions for presidents

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Starting conditions for presidents

When you start playing, your country has a population of about 9 millions. The economy is running reasonably with 8 to 12 very large corporations employing most of the workers in the country.

The country has a cash amount of several hundreds billions and in the initial period, it receives additional amounts of money each game month. The country may have some small debt that was inherited from a corporation that was previously closed. Monthly Income is higher than the monthly cost and the economy is running at a surplus.

The initial resources are intended to allow for the start of fast development of the country without immediate money constraints. In addition, all new players have about 15 Gold coins on their account and can use these coins to increase their population or to get more game money into their country account. Check the direct trading market for these functions.

When you start, your country is fully protected against war. It is always in secured mode and cannot be attacked by anyone. The secured mode will remain in force as long as you do not turn it off.

In this mode, you cannot be attacked by anyone but you are allowed to start a war against a country without a president. If you conquer other countries and build an empire, only your leader country will remain in secured mode. The other countries can be protected using the temporary war protection but will not enjoy automatic and unlimited protection.

A country in secured mode cannot start a war against any country with a president. It can build an army, trade weapons with others but war is only possible against countries without a president. The army at the start is not very strong but the country is reasonably defended.