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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Security Council rules

New members of the Security Council now receive a mail message, informing them that they have been chosen to the SC. Members can now decide how they want to be notified about pending decisions of the SC. They can receive a mail message or an in game message. Depending on their choice, they will receive a message and are expected to login and vote. Members of the security council also receive an email when they are considered inactive.

When the SC is calling for all players to vote on a resolution, all players receive an in game message informing them about the pending resolution and are requested to vote.

The security Council can decide to give financial support to a country that needs help. The members can no longer provide financial support to any player who is a member of the SC. It is also impossible for the SC to give financial support to countries that are in game level 3 or higher or have more than 20 T in game assets.

Members of the SC are expected to be active players. When a member of the SC does not login for 10 days, a notification will be mailed, warning of possible removal from the SC. If the member does not login, an automatic removal may be triggered. The removal is not active at this time and will be activated within several weeks when we are sufficiently confident that all members of the SC in all worlds are aware of the procedure.

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