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What is Simcountry?
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Social security

The social security system is designed to take care of the disabled and the old. It provides income at a certain level to anybody who cannot provide for himself, and it pays the base pensions for retired people.

The payments depend on the income levels in the country and it is computed as a percentage of the average salary of low-level workers. The president of the country may decide what percentage to pay and may change this percentage as the economic situation of the country is changing.

The social security system pays a monthly amount to three groups of people: unemployed, disabled and retired people. Unemployed workers receive it as long as they are unemployed. Retired people receive it from the age of 65 on. (Retired people also receive a pension on top of the social security payments). Disabled people who are unable to work due to a handicap or sickness receive the same monthly payments.

Additional pension payments for retired workers depend on the investment/pension fund they pay into during their working years. The level can be viewed on the finance page.

The level of social security payments is related to the average salaries of the low level workers. At 40% of the low-level workers salary, social security payments are in fact too low but many countries cannot afford more.

Higher payments will make people in your country happier but the cost will increase. It is up to your judgment. You can make monthly changes but they are limited.

The level of social security can be set on the social security page. The level may be changed up or down by 2% each game month. When the percentage is increased and unemployment in the country is very high, these payments may become a significant part of the monthly cost. Increasing the percentage must be done when the country's economy can afford the cost involved.

Social security payments can be changed by 2% each game month. You can also set a target for the social security payments and the changes will be gradual, 2% per game month and will continue until the target is reached.

A level of about 75% is considered to be excellent. It is possible to increase the Social Security level beyond 75% but this is only if the financial situation of the country is very strong.

This limitation is built in as some players tried to increase their score by increasing the social security percentage to a very high level while it did not fit the financial situation of the country and was not done as part of a realistic economic management.

In case the financial index is low and the social security level is set higher, civil unrest may take place in the country. Read more about civil unrest.

The social security index is one of the indexes that add up to the total score of the country.

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