What weapons are most effective in attacks and against what?

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What is Simcountry?
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What weapons are most effective in attacks and against what?

The weapons document shows many details on each and every weapon system that is available in the game. It shows the ammunition that is used in each attack round, the chance of hitting the target and the damage to the target if it is hit. The damage is shown as a percentage of destruction.

All weapons have their specific characteristics and are good in different situations. The picture is complex because there are many different weapons and they may be stationed in combinations that make them very strong against any attack. In general, ground forces can attack ground forces and a tank cannot shoot an airplane down. There are many obvious conclusions that can be drawn and some experimentation is needed.

A good defense includes a large number of interceptors and in order to destroy them, you need many offensive fighters. The interceptors are stationed at the defensive airbases and they are launched against any attack by air. Their efficiency depends on the availability of radar planes.

If a radar plane is not available for the defense, the interceptors will not know where the attack is coming from and will be sent to many different places. The number that will be sent to each possible target will be very small. In case a radar plane is available, one third of all interceptors will be sent to defend the target that is under attack.

An effective attack may start with trying to destroy the radar planes. If there are several, this will be more difficult. An attack can be more effective if the defensive missile interceptor batteries and defensive missile batteries are destroyed. For that you need bombers with precision bombs, mid range missiles and cruse missiles. Beware these defensive weapons. They shoot back onto your offensive batteries and destroy them.

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