What weapons are most effective in defense?

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What weapons are most effective in defense?

Wars can be fought against a far away nation or against a neighbor. When you do not have a common border, only air born weapons can be used. An attack can include missiles or airplanes. The best defense against missiles is with either missile interceptor batteries firing missile interceptors or by defensive missiles. The defensive missiles can destroy the shooting batteries before the missiles are launched. The missile interceptors will stop missiles that have been launched before they hit the target.
If the attack comes by airplanes, both bombers and helicopters, then Interceptors and anti aircraft missiles are most effective.

Attacks by land forces, can be stopped by partly the same weapons, including helicopters that can destroy tanks and artillery and by land forces like defensive tanks, jeeps, armored vehicles with anti tank missiles and artillery.

The degree of success in stopping any attacks also depends on the numbers of weapons involved. Missile interceptors are effective but are needed in large numbers. The more incoming missiles, the more difficult it is to stop them. In most cases, some of the incoming missiles will not be stopped and targets will be destroyed.

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