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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Simcountry game features

This document describes many of the features of the game and explains how These features can be used. There are many functions and systems that are part of the game and we will describe them group by group in many details.

This document describes mainly the economic part of the game. The defense, war features and all weapons and their capabilities are described in separate documents.

Table of Contents:

1. User account
2. User Communications
3. Game settings
4. Secured Mode
5. Scores and awards
6. Game Levels and Game Level Awards
7. Level Awards - More Information
8. Exchanging Game Money for Gold Coins
9. Population
10. Population Growth in Countries
11. Countries with very large population
12. Education
13. Employment
14. Salaries
15. Salaries in Computer Controlled Countries
16. Government salaries
17. Automatic Updating of Government Salaries
18. High-level workers
19. Health care
20. Finance
21. Social security
22. Transportation
23. General Government Functions
24. Government Cost
25. Welfare and the Country Welfare Index
26. The welfare Index
27. Boycott
28. The Voting System

Simcountry Introduction