What happens if a country is defeated?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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What happens if a country is defeated?

This is a very bad situation. If a country is defeated, its president will lose the country, lose his job. He will leave the country and it will become a protectorate of the winning party. The losing president may start a new one immediately, but his old country is gone. The winning country president can start moving resources between the two countries, including people, which is the most important resource in the game.

If you start a war, be advised that you may find yourself out of the game. Everyone who wants to prevent defeat in war should keep building his defenses at a slow pace, to prevent damage to the economy. The score list shows how good your defense is compared to other players and you can decide on the strategy in increasing you defensive or offensive power.

There is always the option of the peaceful country that will free you from any worries about defense and limit your participation to the economic part of the game.

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