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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Starting Your Enterprise

When you start playing Simcountry as a CEO, you start with nothing. There is no country or citizens to take care of. These are taken care of by the presidents of countries (You can play both a president and a CEO). The enterprise is initially empty. It does not have any money and it does not owe anything to anyone. There are no loans and no cost or income.

You may start looking for a place to setup your first corporation. New CEOs can easily build their corporations in countries that do not have a president. These countries are run by an automatic procedure and their economy is OK. They have some unemployment and will be happy to allow you to build a new corporation.

CEOs need permission to build new corporations in countries with presidents and some presidents are not so happy to accept anyone they do not know and may refuse permission. Computer Controlled Countries (CCCs) are always willing and permission is immediate. A CEO with at least six corporations, can start building in countries with presidents.

Another way to quickly increase the number of corporations you own is to bid for buying corporations owned by the Four Seasons Enterprise. This enterprise receives ownership of corporations that do not have any player as a share holder. If an enterprise is abandoned, corporations may end up in the Four Seasons Enterprise.

Corporations that have investment funds as the only shareholders, are also placed in the Four Seasons Enterprise and can be bought by any enterprise.

When building a new corporation, you may choose the products you want to produce and start the construction of corporations. While doing so, you may discover that the country you try to build in, does not have enough unemployed workers for the corporation you want to build. You can try and find a different country to build in but you may also decide to build the corporation anyway. You can do so if the country has at least some of the workers you need in all groups of workers that are needed in that corporation.

Workers in the countries tend to move between corporations and find better jobs that will pay more. If you set salaries in your corporations that compete with the salaries in other corporations in the same country, workers will move to your corporations and you will be able to produce at full capacity.

You may also choose to launch a bid for an existing corporation in any of the countries. You will compete against other bidders and against the current owner of the corporation, who may do his best to improve his corporation, increase its value and block your bid. Increasingly, presidents understand that private and public corporations are great contributors to their country's economy and they allow them to build.

Players have to ask for permission from the president to build a corporation in his/her country. The president must answer or if the president does not answer, permission will be given anyway after several game months.

The money you need for the building of new corporations or for the takeover of existing corporations will come from your cash if you have any or from loans you can ask for or you get automatically when your enterprise cash is negative. These loans must be paid back and you also pay interest. The corporations can become profitable, pay taxes to the country where they reside and pay some of the profit after tax, to the enterprise. Corporations will also increase in value and increase the total asset value of the enterprise.

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