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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The world Features

The game features on Kebir Blue, White Giant, Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon are identical except for the difference in the number of game months per day. Fearless blue is the war world and has different settings that encourage the war game. Weapons and ammunition come at a lower cost and fewer soldiers are needed to handle weapons, which makes it possible to build larger armies.

The main difference however, between Fearless Blue and all other worlds is that Secured mode is not available on Fearless Blue and all countries participate in the war game. Temporary war protection remains an option on all five worlds.

Kebir Blue, the first world in the game, is smaller then all others and it runs four game months each day. Fearless Blue is a much larger world, more than 6000 countries and is the war world. White giant, is the largest of the worlds and has the largest markets and many players. Golden rainbow is smaller but similar to both Kebir Blue and White Giant.

Little Upsilon is the youngest of the five. It is small world, very busy and nearly fully occupied and it runs faster than all other four. Little Upsilon runs 6 game months each day and developments are much faster than in any of the other worlds.

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