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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Some Product Descriptions

Cargo Airplanes

Cargo Airplanes are large transporters that are used to move resources around. They are capable of flying twice each day or in terms of the game, 8 flights per real hour (4 game days) or 60 flights per game month.

Cargo airplanes are produced like other products in the game and can be purchased on the market or in direct contracts.

Cargo airplanes are used in the delivering of emergency resources. They are also used to move army units that are moved to long range locations overseas. Countries need cargo airplanes to have the capacity to move these resources around.

Corporate Maintenance Units

This product is used in the maintenance of corporations. "Corporate Maintenance Units" fall into the High-tech products group and is used by all corporations.

Corporations that produce at a very high quality level are using more maintenance products. If a corporation does not have the products on stock, it may see its quality reduced. Shortages of Corporate Maintenance Units do not cause production to stop but the shortages are noted and when the product is purchased, shortages are covered.

Weapon Grade Uranium

Weapon grade Uranium is used in the production of Plutonium. Plutonium is made of Uranium and a small quantity of weapon grade Uranium.

As nuclear power stations use increasing quantities of Uranium; its use in the production of Plutonium will be phased out and it will be replaced by larger quantities of weapon grade Uranium.


Trucks are used in transportation, relief resources and by the army. Trucks are also used when corporations are built.

The army is organized in army units that move with all their weapons, ammunition, gasoline and military supplies.

Each army units includes many trucks to carry supplies for a limited period. Supply units are used to re-supply military units that are deployed in their own country or on enemy territory or dispatched to support a federation or empire members.

Army units are supplied by supply-convoys that consist of mainly trucks, and some weapons to defend them. These convoys move back and forth between the ammunition storage in your own country and the places where units are stationed.

The numbers of trucks that is needed to supply armies in action is very large. A land base division that may have about 2000 weapons require 750 to 1500 trucks and large convoys may have up to 1.000 trucks.

Country and empire leaders, who are active in the war game, should realize that they need large numbers of trucks that may be destroyed when military units are attacked or when convoys are attacked on their way to and from military units that are deployed anywhere.

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