War index strategies

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What is Simcountry?
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War index strategies

If war stretches to a longer period, some of the damage may be repaired and the war index will start to recover. New attacks may cause the damage number to increase again.

It is not necessary to destroy all factories, kill 4% of the population, destroy all military assets and create max financial damage. The max damage points that is associated with these parameters is 130 while 100 damage points are sufficient for winning the war.

Depending on the reasons for the war, a player may decide to gain more points from one type of damage and less from another or she/he may decide not to push the war to conclusion.

It is possible that countries that are not in war will see their war index computed at less than 100. The reason can be that they have been involved in war before and that damage is not repaired yet to 100%. It is also possible that a country has a smaller number of factories than assumed for the size of its population and it is possible that is does not have 50 military assets (fortifications as we have mentioned before, count for 0.25 assets so having 100 fortifications counts for 25 military assets) and as a result, the war index ends up lower.

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