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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The Education Index

The education index depends on the balance between the three partial indexes for Schools, High schools and universities. The index is in fact the lowest of these three indexes. It is computed every month by taking the lowest of the three partial indexes, adding to it 4 times the current education index and dividing the result by 5. Sudden changes in one of the three partial indexes will be dampened by this mechanism and sudden increases will not be followed immediately but rather at a slower pace.

The education index is also one of the factors in the welfare index that influences the productivity in the country. The welfare index depends on the health, education, salary levels and social security and transportation conditions in the country. The number of working hours per week, and the number of vacation days per year will also be added in the future.

The welfare index does not depend on the sum of these factors but rather on a good balance between them. Example: A country without transportation will see its economy suffer even if its education is excellent.

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