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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Setting up new corporations

When you start playing the game, your newly chosen country may have 10 to 15 corporations. The number depends on the type of corporations you have. Each corporation has 1000.000 to 200.000 workers and they are important for your economy.

It is possible and important to build new corporations but this only makes sense if there are enough unemployed workers in your country. Unemployment should be reduced, by setting up more corporations. When nearly all workers have jobs, it becomes difficult to set up new ones and having many corporations with lower production and hiring levels will cause losses instead of profits.

You may request the setup of up to ten corporations at any one time. If you have already requested the setup of ten corporations, you must wait for at least one to be delivered before you can request another one. It takes time to build such large corporations, it involves large investments and even one corporation every month means 4% to 5% growth per month.

Corporations must be built and the capacity to build them is not always available. If production plants are in short supply on the world market, it may result in long delivery time for new corporations.

Having several production plants in stock in your country, will guarantee a faster delivery of new corporations.

Using a corporation building booster, can increase the pace of building to three corporations per game month, provided production plants are available.

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