Shortages and Oversupply on the world markets

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Shortages and Oversupply on the world markets

Product shortages are periodical and sometimes they are followed by oversupply in many products. The gamemaster does not intervene in the market unless Services shortages or some other essential products go completely out of proportion and the world economy is in danger of a complete collapse (closure of most corporations). The economy in the game is less flexible or "creative" in finding solutions for shortages than the real economy and collapse may occur. When the gamemaster intervenes, he never adds or removes large quantities of products and he never changes a shortage in a surplus or a surplus in a shortage. The gamemaster also does not change any pricing.

Such interventions do occur from time to time and corporations will in the future be improved to make their production levels more stable. Our intention is to limit these interventions or stop them altogether.

Corporations that are not producing due to shortage of supplies should reduce their staff to limit their cost and as a result, free their workers to work for new corporations that produce products that are on short supply. This process should be capable of creating a dynamic market that does not require any outside intervention.

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