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What is Simcountry?
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Supply Units - Land based

Supply Units are used to transport supplies to all military units independent of their location but not across the sea. Military units need ammunition, military supplies that include mainly food and materials needed to sustain the soldiers and officers in the field and gasoline for the vehicles used by the military units. Tanks use more gasoline than jeeps but both will not move without it.

Land based supply units move by road within the country, they cross the borders into friendly countries that have allowed military units to enter. During war, they will enter enemy territory and supply invading units.

Land based supply units always include some weapons to protect them on their way. During war, the enemy may try and attack the supply units on their way and destroy the supplies. If supply units are lost, your invading army may be deprived of ammunition and other supplies and it may become an easy target.

Land based supply units are in fact army units with a special function, which is the delivery of everything a unit needs, and return to base.

Who directs supply units?

The movement of the land based supply units is automatic. There is no need and also no way to direct them.

Supply units are assigned a military unit to supply. The size of the supply unit will depend on what that unit needs to return to its original supply level as it was when the unit was created (Or updated later).

Depending on what is needed for that specific military unit, the supply unit will be enlarged with many trucks, loaded with ammunition, gasoline, and military supplies. It may also carry weapons to supplement lost weapons in the military unit.

The supply unit already includes some weapons and ammo to defend itself. When ready to go, it may be very large in terms of the numbers of trucks. It will automatically leave its base and move at max speed (100 per game day) in the direction of the unit it has to supply. When it arrives at the target, it will unload the supplies and return back to base, with all its empty trucks and its own weapons and ammunition for self defense.

When back, it will be assigned a new military unit to supply. It will be recreated with whatever is needed for that unit and leave again. One supply unit can support multiple army units if they are not very far and if it can move freely and is not attacked on its way.

The supply unit can be attacked on its way to the target or on the way back to base and may suffer casualties, losing some or all of its supplies. It will continue as long as it makes sense or return to base. It may be destroyed completely.

If it does arrive at the target, but with reduced supplies, it will leave some at the target unit but will start its return trip, fully supplied for self-defense.

There may be many units scattered over large areas and several countries. Units will be supplied at a fixed order, one after the other. If the number of supply units is small, it may take very long to get the needed supplies to all the units.

If there are many supply units, they will all be on their way at the same time and the period needed to supply all units will become shorter.

If a unit is stationed at a distance of 1.000 from base, it will take about 7 (real) hours for a supply unit to make a round trip. By that time, another trip is needed.

Units can have supplies set up for several game months. The military supply system will schedule each military unit for supplies once in 8 hours (game month).

The whole logistics system depends on the availability of all the materials and ammunition that is needed and on sufficient numbers of supply units and many trucks. If any of the materials or trucks is not available, supply units will not be able to function and military units will not receive what they need when they need it.

If a military unit is stationed in another country in the same empire or federation or any other friendly country, it can be put under the command of the guest country for an agreed period. If that happens, the army unit will be considered "owned", or loaned by the guest country and it will be supplied by supply units of the guest country. This last feature may not be in the game yet.

If the military units are moving, supply units will follow them wherever they go, reach them and deliver the supplies.

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