State and national corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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State and national corporations

There are two types of government owned corporations. These are state corporations and National corporations. The only difference between the two types is that national corporations cannot be purchased by an enterprise.

Enterprise CEO's can purchase state corporations from governments. When a state corporation is purchased by an Enterprise, it becomes a private corporation.

You may decide to keep several industries under control of the state. These may be weapon factories, or some high value corporations. The reasons are up to the president. It is possible to change the status of a corporation and make it a national industry. However, only twenty corporations may be national. If you already have twenty national corporations and you want to make a different corporation a national industry, you must first change the status of one of the national industries into a state corporation.

State corporations, including the national corporations, pay taxes to the government. The percentage of the tax payments can be changed but very high taxes will destroy the capability of the corporations to function. In addition, state corporations pay some of their earning after tax to the corporation owner, which is again the government. Also the percentage of these payments may be changed.

If you want to prevent any take over of any of your corporations, you can block CEOs. All your corporations will remain state corporations. We strongly advise against it as the profits of state corporations and mainly their contributions to the state, are lower than the contributions by private and public corporations

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