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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Trading countries and Enterprises

Users who have an empire on any of the worlds, can offer some of their countries for sale. The same applies for users who have more than one enterprise in a world.

The price depends on offers by users on the market. There is a minimum price for any country or enterprise of 15 Gold Coins.

Any price is acceptable as long as it is agreed on the market. The indicative "nominal" price does not play any role in the market.

There are some additional rules:

  1. Countries and enterprises can be traded if their nominal value is higher than $ 5.0.
  2. All trading in countries and Enterprises is limited to contributing players.
  3. Before a country or an enterprise exchanges hands, an extensive check take place to make sure that its condition is not changed substantially after it was offered. Cash, assets, defense indexes and other essential indexes are compared to their values at the time the object was offered on the market. If substantial reductions are discovered, the trade will be blocked.
  4. It is only possible to offer countries that are part of an empire or one of the two enterprises you own in a world.
  5. A sold country will have the expiration date of the receiving empire. Enterprises will keep their expiration date after the trade. A country that is purchased by a user who does not have any country yet, will have 30 days to expiration date.
  6. To prevent the selling of nearly expired countries with the intention of extending it when the country is sold back to the original owner, a 15 GC fee will be subtracted from all sales.

There are several conditions that may block a sale at the time of the transaction:

  1. At selling time, the bidder must have the gold coins he offered, available on his account.
  2. The country must be owned by the user who made the original offer. If conquered, the deal is off.
  3. The best bid must exceed the 15 coins minimum price.
  4. A bidder on an enterprise should not have more than one enterprise as accounts are limited to a max of two enterprises per world.
  5. The offering user should not offer his last country or enterprise in any world.
  6. The nominal value must be above the minimum of $ 5 at the time of the transaction.
  7. The population must not decrease more than 5% from what it was at the time of the offer.
  8. Assets should not drop more than 10% between the time the offer was made and the time of the transaction.
  9. The education index should not decrease by more than 10%.
  10. The number of corporations should not decrease by more than 5%
  11. The total score cannot drop by more than 5%.

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