There are some limitations in the way you set up the education system

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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There are some limitations in the way you set up the education system

You may build many schools and universities and increase the education index to a very high level. The schools must however be used or they will start to close down. The total of all priorities on the educational priorities page must be at 80 or more to keep all the schools and universities running.

On the other hand, when the education index reaches above the 250-level the country's financial health must be in excellent condition, as the cost of education will become very high. Education levels may become too high and unrealistic. Some users create huge education systems to achieve a high score. The high cost that is involved reduces the financial index, which is a major factor in the total score. These very indexes do not have any meaning in economic sense.

When such levels are reached and the financial index is at a level lower than 150, part of the education system will be reduced and some schools, high schools and universities may be closed automatically. Closing will stop when the education index is reduced under the level of 250 or the financial index exceeds the level of 150.

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