Surviving in Fearless Blue

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Surviving in Fearless Blue

Start immediately with expansion of your industry and build defense related corporations only. Build several "fortification-building corporations". As they start operations, close contracts with them for their full production to be delivered to your own country.

Within the first 10 game months you can have at least six of these corporations that will deliver up to 6 fortifications in each following game month. You can easily grow quickly to 100 fortifications. Do not attack many C3 countries and be careful not to increase your war level to 3.

Continue building corporations that produce the defense weapons you need and keep checking availability on the market. There is no need to build a weapon corporation in your own country if there is sufficient supply on the world market. Build the ones that are in short supply.

Use the max military spending space your country has to purchase weapons each game month and try to obtain large numbers of defensive batteries and missiles that are used by these batteries.

Money can become a problem and you may consider using your gold coins to improve your financial position. With the coins you received at the start you can purchase some additional game money.

Try to join a federation with other players because federations are better capable in offering a good defense to new players. The federation members will participate in your defense and you will participate in their defense if they are attacked.