The stock market in Simcountry

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The stock market in Simcountry

The stock market is where shares of public corporations are traded. Large corporations that reach a high market value can offer their shares on the share market and become public corporations.

There are several reasons for corporations to offer their shares. A common reason for the corporation is to issue new shares and raise capital to pay off debt or raise money for new investments.

For the owners of corporations, selling some of their shares allows them to raise cash reserves or pay debt and they can use the proceeds to invest in new ventures, purchase corporations or set up new ones.

The control over public corporations is in the hands of the largest shareholder. The owner of more than 50% of the shares will always be in control of the corporation. When many shareholders are involved, the one with 10% or 15% of the shares can be the largest shareholder and control the corporation.

Table of Contents:

1. The shares of a corporation, profit and PE-ratio
2. Public corporations
3. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
4. Manual share trading
5. Managing Public Corporations
6. How does the Share Market work?
7. Trading in shares
8. Selling shares
9. Buying shares
10. Share selling by countries
11. Share buying by Countries
12. Shares owned by Countries
13. Share selling by Enterprises
14. Share buying by Enterprises
15. Share buying by investment funds
16. Shares selling by Investment funds
17. Public Corporations - Target Ownership
18. Share splits and reverse splits

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