There are three types of attacks, what are these?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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There are three types of attacks, what are these?

When trying to attack a target, your forces can be stopped by the defensive forces of your enemy, protecting the target. Hitting at the target, will not damage these defensive forces and they will keep destroying some of your weapons in every round of attacks you launch. One way around it is to attack the defending forces first, destroy them and then attack the target itself later without anybody shooting back. There are also the long range weapons, like defensive missiles that are stationed near the target to protect it. In addition, the defending forces will re-deploy their weapons after each attack and station new defensive forces where you destroyed them.

An attack can be conducted in three ways. You can attack the target itself, you can attack the missile batteries that are stationed at the target and you can attack the defensive forces other than the missile batteries. (These are tanks, jeeps, armored vehicles etc.).

Your forces can also be attacked by the defending air force. Planning an attack is not simple and you must look carefully where your enemy deploys his forces and decide what the correct strategy for the war should be.

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