Simcountry Runs Several Game Months Each Day

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Simcountry Runs Several Game Months Each Day

Three of the five worlds run the simulation processes three times each day, representing three game months every day. One world (Kebir Blue) runs four game months each day and the newest world, Little Upsilon, runs six game months in 24 hours. {text] It means that all monthly events in your country are moving faster if your country is in Little Upsilon, and more slowly if your country is in White Giant. You need to intervene more often if your country runs faster.

Each "month run" re-computes all the country data, enterprise data and a lot more and stores the new values in the world database.

The simulation takes care of thousands of different data fields in each country. It takes care of the aging of the population and new births. It handles the production in corporations and puts their products on the market and it executes contracts and trade requests.

The way the simulation works depends on many internal rules of the game that are part of the simulation. In addition, the current data values that are stored in the country record determine the exact action that will be taken in the following month.

When you look into your country after a day or two, you will find many things that have changed. If 4 or 5 (game) months passed, you will find your population a little larger. You may have earned some money or lost some. There will be many changes each (game) month but these changes are small per (game) month and there are graphs that you can look at and see what happened in the period between last time you looked and today.

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