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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Secured Mode

Simcountry ensures the security of assets for all players and offer war protection features to any players who are not interested in the war game. War is an important feature in the game and any of the war protection features can be turned off by anyone who does not want to use them.

The Fearless Blue world does not have the Secured Mode features and the risk of a disastrous war remains high. Players on all worlds can always turn temporary war protection on and prevent war even if the secured mode option is turn off. The Secured Mode feature protects the leader country in each empire. Single countries are considered to be leader countries and are also protected.

The temporary war protection features already offer the same functionality. The secured mode feature removes the need for gold coins for the protection of the leading country in each empire and of all single countries.

Secured mode is important in the reduction of the high risk to many players, both new and experienced, from oversized and far too strong empires that are praying on them.

Hard playing is possible on all worlds as an option, not the default. Empire leaders will be in secured mode unless they choose to remove their own protection.

More players in Simcountry are interested in building successful countries and enterprises and are ready to invest time and money to grow their holdings and create valuable assets.

Asset creation is futile if it is possible for anyone with unlimited military power, to destroy any country in an hour or two. A lot of effort and investments can go down the drain while the player is hardly interested in war.

Simcountry introduced many new features that are aimed at the creation of more valuable assets that can be traded on the free market. New features will include the design and production of customized products, concessions for the mining of raw materials and the creation and trading on the free market of super corporations that can provide long-term profitability.

All this requires security for the players and a guarantee that their assets only depend on their own doing and not on an arbitrary decision of a warlord.

Warlords do have a place in the game. The war game remains part of all worlds. It is played by everyone on Fearless blue and by every player who wants it, on all other worlds.

All leader countries in Kebir Blue, White Giant, Golden Rainbow and Little Upsilon are automatically placed in secured mode. Leader countries are leaders of all empires and presidents of all "single" countries that do not have an empire. A country in secured mode cannot be attacked by anyone. There is no war and no sneak attacks.

A country in secured mode can wage war against a country that does not have a president (Computer Controlled Country or as frequently referred to as C3). A country in secured mode cannot attack any country with a president.

Secured countries can be members of federations and participate in the defense but they do not go to war as a result of any decision by the empire and they do not engage in war as a result of a war treaty. Only the leader country can be in secured mode. Other countries in empires are never in secured mode.

Players can turn temporary war protection on for some of their other countries or for their entire empire and can choose to leave some or all of their "slave" countries without war protection.

One month worth of temporary war protection is given to all unprotected countries in the game for every 10 game months played. It is sufficient for periods when the player is on vacation or not available. Additional war protection can be purchased with boosters.

Turning secured mode on and off

Turning the secure mode on or off is limited and only possible under strict conditions.

The reason is that countries in secured more are able to build an army. The can purchase many weapons and prepare for war. Most of them will use these weapons to supply their slave countries but some can decide to arm and then drop the secured mode and attack others who are not prepared and are in fact ambushed by the change of mode.

This is why a change from secured mode is only possible if all weapons the country has are activated (no reserves) and the combined offensive and strategic indexes of the country are at a level of less than 300.

The change from secured mode does not enable the leading country to start a large war and it does not pose an immediate danger to any other country.

Under such conditions, a leader can decide to turn off the secured mode. Such a decision can have severe consequences because the country becomes vulnerable. Temporary war protection can be used but the decision to turn the secured mode off will probably be taken if the leader country wants to go to war.

Secured mode can be turned on again. A country can turn on its secured mode if it is not engaged in war (Except for a war with a C3 country), and only if it has not been in secured mode for at least two game months.

Changing the empire leader

When an empire wants to change the leader country, the change will involve a change in the country that is in secured mode. The new leader country must not be engaged in war when the change occurs (except for a war against a C3 country). When the leader country is changed, the new leader automatically moves into secured mode. The old leader will loose its secured status simultaneously.

If the departing leader country was in secured mode, the change is only possible if the conditions for mode change are met. If the departing leader is not in secured mode, the incoming leader will also have no secured mode and the change is only subject to the minimum waiting period between such changes.

Switching leadership is only possible once in two weeks.

New players in secured mode

The Role of Leader Countries

Leader countries, both empire leaders and single countries are the main locations for growth and creation of valuable assets. These countries are also able to build strategic reserves, both in materials that are used in the empire, raw materials that are used in corporations in the empire and also weapons and ammunition that can be delivered to other countries in the empire that are preparing for war.

Storing materials and assets in the leader country eliminates the risk for these assets and makes long-term investments and planning much more reliable.

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