Unemployment in my country is going up? Can I do something about it?

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What is Simcountry?
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Unemployment in my country is going up? Can I do something about it?

Yes you can. Unemployment goes up if your corporations reduce the number of people they employ. Corporations may do so for several reasons. If a corporation is not able to sell its products on the market or in direct trading with others, it will reduce its production capacity. It will also reduce the number of people working in the corporation. When it succeeds in selling all its products, it will increase production and hiring again.

You can make it easier for the corporations to sell their produce. You can reduce prices, increase the product quality and place direct offers on the market (you will receive less for your products). Making your corporations sell their products will boost employment.

Another important reason for increase in unemployment is lack of workers in one or more workers categories. If you build a large army, you might recruit many mid-level managers into the army as officers. This will reduce the number of mid-level managers available for the industry. There will be competition between your corporations to get these managers and some of your corporations may get less than they would like to. If a corporation gets only 50% of the number of workers it needs in even one category, it will reduce the total hiring for all groups to 50%.

In such cases you will see corporations reduce employment by 50% or even back to zero hiring and they stop production. Unemployment can increase fast and become very high. Be careful with a fast buildup of the army and also watch out for fast upgrading of your corporations. You must have the high-level people or the upgrades will cause your corporations to decline.

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