Why do I need mid-level-managers?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Why do I need mid-level-managers?

Mid level managers are an essential group in all corporations. The numbers that are needed per corporation differ widely but they are needed in each and every corporation. Mid level managers are also needed in the army. All the officers in the army are recruited from this group. Officers are recruited from the age groups of up to 50 years.
This means that if you build a large army, that army will hire many of the mid-level managers and your corporations run the risk of not being able to operate at full capacity, due to shortage of these managers.

Many players had their economy damaged because of shortage in that group. They start building a large army and find themselves out of mid-level managers. They are unable to build a strong economy and make large financial losses every game month.

You need many mid-level managers and your needs depend mainly on the size of the army you want. The education priorities must be adjusted to increase their numbers and this should be done before a large army is being built.

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