The War process

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What is Simcountry?
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The War process

The war process requires the warring parties to operate their forces in enemy territory and prevail. They can move their forces into positions that make it easier to invade but such positions may not be available if the enemy has spread its forces to block such an invasion.

Military units will have to destroy enemy targets that block their way and invade and conquer large areas, bringing them under their control.

Forces on the ground can be supported by the air force but the efficiency and attack power of the air force depends on the proximity of army units to the target.

If your army units are far away, outside the range of the target, any air force attack on that target will be ineffective.

War will require a combination of ground forces and supporting air force units. Army units will move close to enemy targets and will try to destroy them by ground attacks or using the air force and most times, by a combination of both.

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