When I set up my own defense, how do I select a location to defend?

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What is Simcountry?
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When I set up my own defense, how do I select a location to defend?

The first possibility is to let the system do it for you. If you set auto defense on, and you should most of the time, the system will try to make optimal use of the weapons you have and deploy them to the most important sites. Auto defense should be on because if you are out, it is the only protection you have against attacks.

The automatic defense has a set of priorities that it uses to decide how to deploy. These priorities are high for the capital city and military bases and it is lower for other targets. You can change these priorities and then re-deploy to see what the effect is of your changes. Experimenting with that system and purchasing enough defensive weapons can end up with a good deployment.

You can also "help" the system by deploying some of the weapons yourself. You can select a target by clicking on the map, or by selecting it from the list of targets. You can set the numbers of weapons you want to deploy and use the deploy function to send them to the target. You can always recall weapons from any location.

The choice of what targets to defend depends on how many weapons you have. If the number is small, you must make tough choices. The obvious target is the capital and it must be defended. The military bases must be defended too. If your enemy destroys you military bases for more than 50%, you will not be able to purchase new weapons.

Defense also depends on the enemy you expect. If it is a long distance war, the strategy is different from defense against ground forces. Make sure you have enough defensive missile batteries and missile interceptor batteries. These are effective against attacks by missiles, including nuclear weapons. Also make sure you have interceptors, which are effective against attacks by bombers and fighters.

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