Why do I have shortage of low-level workers? How can I get more?

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What is Simcountry?
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Why do I have shortage of low-level workers? How can I get more?

Both the army and all the corporations in the country need low-level workers and as a result of better education, their numbers may fall in time. More young people are being educated and become higher level workers and as older workers retire, the number of low-level workers may start to fall. There is nothing that can be done about this except for turning off the education system which is not a good proposition for many other obvious reasons.

There are a ways however, to reduce the need for low-level workers. One way is to upgrade your corporations. If the efficiency of your corporations is increased by upgrades, they will hire a smaller number of low-level workers and turn into more educated people while the total number and cost of workers for the corporation declines.

You may also decide to gradually turn away from several products that require a very large number of low-level workers in the production process and increase production of different products with a need for workers that fits in a better way in your own vision on the future of your country.

The shortage of low-level workers can be large. Building a large army while this problem is looming, may accelerate the process of decline as shortage of workers will be much bigger if the army is taking many of them away from the industry.

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