The challenge

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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The challenge

Countries and Enterprises run many corporations to make the profit they need to run their country or enterprise. Their choice of products depends on the market conditions as they try to make the products that are on short supply. They may also choose products they view as strategic for their country like weapons or ammunition of some types.

Countries and enterprises sell their products on the international market and have no knowledge which party is buying the products they sell except for products they sell directly or as part of trade agreements with others.

The common market and the local market features add a new dimension to the management of the industry and trade. Countries and Enterprises are encouraged to make changes to their industry that will increase the trade between their own corporations.

Contracts in the local market are easy to setup and users can make sure that everything their countries and corporations need and is produced in their own country or enterprise will be purchased in their own country and not on the international market.

As players are not able to produce everything they need, trading on the common market will make it possible to increase the percentage of products they trade with their partners.

The members of the common market can try to produce everything they need or at least increase the percentage of trade within their market. They can start producing products they need and close other corporations making products that are in oversupply.

Common market is driven by the consumption figures of the participating countries and the automatic contracting is aimed at full coverage of the needed materials.

It is possible for the members to set the quantities of the needed materials. These settings will apply to all products, inclusive weapons and other non-consumption products. It is then also possible to set quantities higher than strictly needed.

With this feature, it is possible to automatically setup contracts for any products, including weapons either within a common market or within the local market.

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