Trading Strategies - follow the market

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What is Simcountry?
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Trading Strategies - follow the market

It is possible to make the price of products you offer on the market depend on the quality. As the quality of the products rises, the price you request for these products will rise automatically and follow the quality level.

In order to make product offerings competitive on the market, it is possible to make the price trail the quality by a percentage.

Example: If the quality is 160 (60% above base quality), you can choose to trail the quality by -10 percentage points. This will set a price of 150, or 50% above market price but as the quality is 60% above base quality, the price/quality ratio is in fact under market price and the products are attractive.

The lower the trail percentage, the more you will get for the products but they may become less attractive. The trail can be very low for products that are scarce with shortages on the market. Products with a surplus, should trail by a higher percentage.

It is also possible to set this automatic feature in the automation page. This will cause new corporations to have this feature set on when they are created.

The feature is intended to make it easier to offer products and reduces the need for repeated manual resetting of the trade strategies.

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