Supply of airports, air bases and other large objects

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Supply of airports, air bases and other large objects

On the supply and demand list, you may see that there are airports available or military bases etc. and you may purchase them. This does not mean that airports are sitting on the "shelve" waiting to be purchased. It does mean that there is free capacity on the market to build such airports or schools etc. and the capacity is not fully occupied at this point in time.

When you purchase the airport, it means that you closed a contract to build it. You do not receive it directly as it needs to be built and you do not pay directly as it is not delivered. Building will start immediately and delivery time depends on what object it is. Schools are delivered faster than airports, roads, train-track and military bases. Delivery times are in fact unrealistic. Objects are delivered quickly.

If there is a shortage of schools or other such large objects, it means that there is no party in the market that will even close a contract to build the school and you must wait until such capacity becomes available.

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