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bullet Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
Beginners Info
What is Simcountry?

Simcountry Documentation Set

The documentation of the Game is setup in a way that makes the content easy to find and can be viewed or printed. Below you find links to all these documents.
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Gamemaster Corporations
Garrison supplies in peace time
General Government Functions
Getting loans
Government Cost
Government salaries
Hall of Fame
Health as a cause of civil unrest
Health care
Highlevel workers
How are interest rates set? Why do they increase and sometimes decrease?
How are the awards paid?
How can I balance my finances?
How can users communicate between them?
How do I change the name of a corporation?
How do I change the status of a corporation from national to a state corporation or back?
How do I increase the number of midlevel managers so the army can get officers?
How do I know how many midlevel managers I have and how many will be needed for the weapon systems I purchased?
How do I protect against nuclear attacks?
How do I repair the war damage?
How do immediate orders work? Should I use them?
How do you get more lowlevel workers?
How does a war end?
How does delivery of large objects with delivery time works?
How does good transportation help the economy?
How does it work when a federation member is attacked?
How does Simcountry work?
How does the Share Market work?
How fast can I build my army?
How frequently does the ranking list set?
How is the score computed?
How long does a factory remain idle of there are shortages?
How long will this game last?
How many corporations can I build?
How many upgrades can be installed in one corporation, is it limited?
How much game money can be exchanged
I am a beginner, what should I do first?
I am a beginner, what should I NOT do?
I am a president of a country. How can I prevent takeover of my corporations?
I am an enterprise president. Is it bad if they takeover some of my corporations?
I do not understand the cash flow of my corporations. Can you explain?
I have built many schools, hospitals and more, why are some of then being closed?
I have many unsold products. How can I sell them?
I have shortage of products in my country. How do I solve it?
I increased education priorities for senior doctors and the numbers remain low. Why?
I noticed that my map is changing from time to time. When is it done?
I reserved products for direct trade contracts. Why do I get messages about not delivering on my contracts?
I see shortages and they disappear within several hours. How does it happen?
I see shortages of products in my factories, why?
I see the number of soldiers and officers changing. Is that automatic?
I see the numbers of ammunition pieces but they do not change when I deploy. Why? Where is the ammunition?
I see very low hiring and production levels why does it happen?
I signed contracts and some times get a message that it is not delivered. Why does it happen?
I want to start a war. What should I do?
If I trade directly with anyone, when does delivery and payment take place?
Immediate Start of War
Improving health, education and transportation?
In war, can I use all weapons against anybody?
Inactive accounts and Countries
Income and cost
Initial Public Offering IPO
Intelligence gathering missions by Radar planes
International trade
Is it bad to have large loans?
Is it bad to have shortages in factories?
Is it bad when they takeover some of the corporations in my country?
Is it possible to trade privately at different prices?
Is there some information for new users?
Is your information shared with others?
It seems that I get loans without asking?
Keeping the Army Supplied
Large Empires
Learning more about Simcountry
Level Awards More Information
Light Artillery
Light Tanks
List of online users
Loan limit in corporations
Local trade
Long Range Radar Planes
Losses to the defending forces during attacks
Maintaining the account
Maintenance costs
Make sure you always produce and sell
Managing Corporations
Managing Public Corporations
Managing your corporations
Manual share trading
Many Countries do not have a President yet
Map of the country
Material costs
Maximal Number of simultaneous wars
May I change the tax levels for my citizens?
Member communication
Messages redirected to the empire leader
Messages, Chatting and the Forum
Mid range missile batteries
Miles and kilometers
Military assets and the war index
Military bases and nuclear attacks
Military bases and their capacities
Military Spending Space
Military transport airplanes and Military Units
Military Units
Missile Cruisers
Missile Interceptor batteries Missile Interceptors
Money and Loans
Money transfers between countries and state corporations
More game features War
More game features Weapons
Moving a corporation into a C3 country
Moving a corporation to another country.
Moving corporations from a country after an initialization
Moving corporations out of computer controlled countries
Moving Land based Military Units
Moving the navy
My corporation is making a profit but its cash is not going anywhere is that possible?
My corporations have shortages. How do I solve it?
Name and Flag
Navy Fighter Planes
Navy Helicopters
New Corporations Profitability
New Players Attacking a Computer Controlled CountryC3 country
New players Attacking a country with a president
New players and the cash market
New users
No rebellions in a country for 12 game months
Nominal Value of countries and enterprises in US
Not delivering on contracts and spending limit overruns
Nuclear attacks cause major disasters
Nuclear Defense deployment details
Nuclear Missiles Batteries
Nuclear Submarines
Nuclear Weapons and their targets
Nuclear Weapons and war protection in new countries
Nuclear Weapons Production
Offensive air force
Offensive anti aircraft missile batteries
Offensive anti tank missile batteries
Offensive forces
Offensive guided missiles
Offensive Heavy Armored Vehicles
Offensive Heavy Artillery
Offensive Heavy Jeeps
Offensive Heavy Tanks
Offensive Land Forces
Offensive land to sea missiles
Offensive missiles
Offensive weapons
Offering assets for sale
Offering gold coins for population
Operating cost for schools, high schools and Universities
Ordering Weapons when Military Bases are Damaged
Other documentation in this set:
Other issues
Peace treaties
Playing a Country and an Enterprise
Playing several times a week and running multiple countries
Playing Simcountry and participating in the war game
Playing the Enterprise game starting conditions
Playing the Full game including the War Features
Playing The Peaceful Game
Playing the Peaceful Game in Secured Mode
Population Growth in Countries
Presidents can block CEOs from setting up corporations
Prevent overheating
Pricing procedures
Private and Public Corporations revenue contribution
Private and Public Corporations versus State Corporations
Private Corporations
Private corporations Upgrade level
Product pricing
Profit payments
Profitability of Corporations
Public corporations
Public Corporations Target Ownership
Public Profile
Purchasing Corporations from the gamemaster owned Four Seasons enterprise.
Purchasing existing corporations
Purchasing of weapons and ammunition
Radar Planes
Rapid Deployment Units
Recently closed corporations
Reinitializing Abandoned or Terminated Countries
Repainting country maps
Retaining products in corporations
Retired people

How to Play Simcountry