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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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There are several types of resolutions that can be proposed and voted upon.

Resolution against any country - preventing it from having nuclear weapons

Council members can submit proposals for a ban on nuclear weapons against any country. If the proposal is accepted by the council, it becomes a resolution before the general members. If it is voted for and accepted as a resolution, it will forbid a country from buying such weapons. Any violations of the resolution will be announced in the world newspaper and all transactions will be shown on the security council pages with the name of the country that have sold such weapons against the resolution.

Resolution against a country - forbidding it from having nuclear materials (Plutonium and Uranium)

The resolution forbids the setup of production facilities for Uranium and Plutonium that can be used for the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

Resolution enforcing a peace treaty The members can adopt a resolution that enforces a peace treaty between two warring countries. If a war is going on, it will be stopped and a peace treaty will be enforced for a period of 90 months.

Resolution on Development aid to a country.

The council can accept a proposal and submit for a vote by the members, a resolution to support a country by giving it an amount of money between 1 and 5 T. The money must be available to the council at the time it is given and if the money is not available, execution of the resolution will be delayed until the amount becomes available from the monthly contributions.

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