Private and Public Corporations ? revenue contribution

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Private and Public Corporations ? revenue contribution

Private and public corporations pay a percentage of their turnover to the countries where they reside. These payments come on top of any tax payments and are substantial.

These corporations have become very profitable for the countries where they reside. Many of the corporations are built in C3 countries and anyone who will look into the finance pages of some of the C3 countries will see the income from private corporations growing. The income from these corporations is now the largest factor in the finance of most C3 countries.

We advise everyone to try and attract private corporations to their countries. Income will grow substantially and the availability of manpower will swell due to the rehabilitation clinics and special back to work schools that are only available when private corporations are involved.

Achieving excellent finance is in fact difficult if these features are not used. Enterprises owned corporations are essential in the process and presidents should make sure that many enterprises, their own enterprises and other, will set up or purchase corporations in their countries.

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