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What is Simcountry?
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Offensive forces

Offensive weapons are used to attack enemy targets. If you are only interested in a peaceful country and a strong economy, do not purchase many of these weapons. The weapons are costly and use large numbers of soldiers and officers that would otherwise work in the industry in your country.

Attack weapons include air, land and missile forces. Land forces can only be used when you attack a neighboring country. Attacks on countries further away are limited to the air force and your offensive missiles. (Strategic weapons are usable too - read about these weapons in this document).

In war, your army will be organized in military units that can move around the country and invade enemy territory. When attacking your enemy, you can choose which army unit will carry our each attack. It can attack either the target itself or the weapon systems protecting it and even specifically, the missile batteries stationed near that target.

To see details of the target, the offensive army will use long-range radar planes that will enable it to see the enemy forces that are stationed at each target.

Radar planes will be launched to see the details of targets and report about the weapons that are stationed near such targets.

Attacking another country involves many army units that are moved close to the targets you want to conquer. These army units require many soldiers and officers to operate their weapons. They use large quantities of ammunition, military supplies and gasoline. They also use military services to maintain their weapons and other materials.

All these materials and ammunition are supplied to the army units by supply units that are moving the supplies between bases in your country and the locations where the army units are stationed. All these materials come at a high cost and must be available in your country or the army will not function. If an army unit is out of gasoline, it will not be able to function and it needs ammunition to fire its weapons.

As a result, maintenance of the army is very costly. The maintenance cost repeats each month and comes in addition to the initial cost of purchasing the weapons.

Offensive Military Bases can be destroyed in war. The last base will never be destroyed completely (max 99%) and will house the remaining offensive land forces that are not part of any army unit. An offensive military base can hold up to 20.000 land based weapons. If many more weapons are available, more bases are needed or the weapons will be moved to the reserves.

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