Nuclear Defense - deployment details

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What is Simcountry?
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Nuclear Defense - deployment details

Nuclear defense batteries and missiles are the only weapons in Simcountry that make it possible to prevent nuclear attacks and the destruction that can be cause by such attacks.

One nuclear defense battery must be deployed at each potential target to protect it against nuclear attack. Two batteries are needed to protect against strategic bombers. Nuclear defense missiles must be available for these batteries or otherwise they will not function.

Potential targets are all military bases and airports, the capital and the large cities. Smaller cities, corporations and fortifications cannot be attacked by nuclear weapons.

Nuclear defense batteries and missiles are not part of military units and remain in strategic bases. The deployment of such weapons is manual.

All nuclear defense batteries that are not deployed to a target remain stationed at the defensive military bases in the country and in general, they are equally deployed between these defensive bases.

If all nuclear defense batteries are deployed to targets, none will remain in the defensive bases and these bases can be destroyed in a nuclear attack.

When new batteries are ordered or new defensive bases are constructed, the available nuclear defense batteries that have not been deployed to cities or other bases will be distributed between the existing defensive bases. Such deployment can take up to 12 hours after the delivery of the nuclear defense batteries.

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