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What is Simcountry?
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Retaining products in corporations

Corporations can retain products to be able to deliver on signed contracts. This can be done manually and the user decides how much to retain. It can also be automatic. In that case, the amount of retained products is computed based on the existing contracts.

If contracts expire or when you move from manual to automatic mode, all retained products that are not needed, will be sold automatically on the open market.

Retaining large quantities of products is risky. Corporations that retain large quantities of their products do pay their workers, purchase the raw materials they need but make no revenue. These corporations will accumulate debt and may even bankrupt unless cash is injected to keep them afloat.

Some players use these corporations to stock weapons. This is fine if the stock levels are equal to several months' production. If stocks are much higher, than production levels in the corporation will drop as very high stock levels in corporations may cause them to bankrupt.

Countries have the possibility to stock strategic supplies of all products and also the capability to keep weapons in reserve without the need for a huge army. These options represent a better way to keep strategic reserves.

Enterprises too can stock up any products and can be used as places where products are kept for later trading and as a source of supplies.

A corporation that has more than 12 months stock of produce will automatically sell 10% of its stock in immediate mode. The period of 12 months is a property that can be changed easily if this function does not help enough in solving the problem.

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