Population Growth in Countries

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What is Simcountry?
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Population Growth in Countries

The population in all countries shows natural growth over time. The growth depends on the number of people in the 18 to 35 age groups and the total population of the country.

The growth rate in percentage points per year is very high in countries with small population and is gradually reduced in countries with very large population.

Countries during and after a war, may see different growth patterns. These patterns have to do with a changed composition of their population. If many younger people died in a war, the percentage of the population in these age groups may be lower and fewer children are born each month.

Death rates depend on the health index and the composition of the population. The higher the health index, the longer people live. Death rates in children and younger people also depend strongly on the health index.

The birth rate also depends on the score of the country. Poor countries have higher birth rates. That factor however is weaker than the population factor.

Countries that are transferring their population to other countries for gold coins will see strong adverse effects for their population. These transfers are concentrated in the age groups of 18 to 45 which are responsible for child birth. Much lower numbers in these groups will reduce birth rates for a long period and influence population growth over longer periods.

The transfers also have a very negative influence on the welfare index of the country and it makes people unhappy. This results in direct influence on the birth rates. Countries that experienced several negative population transfers will end up with a very small birth rate.

We advise the use of population transfers for gold coins as a last resort as it is very damaging for the country.

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