Profitability of Corporations

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What is Simcountry?
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Profitability of Corporations

Corporations that are upgraded to high quality and produce at full capacity can become extremely profitable. Especially when they produce products that are in short supply, profit levels can become very high.

Corporations that are producing at low level are not profitable and are at risk of bankruptcy. It is difficult to keep a corporation afloat when it produces at 20% to 40% of capacity. If product prices are low, corporations will make even larger losses and may go out of business.

We advise you to review the corporations in your country. Close some of them if they are not profitable or producing at low levels. Man power in the country is essential and if there are too many corporations, or education is not balanced correctly, you may not be able to keep all corporations at full production.

You should setup new corporations for products that are in short supply. Upgrade these corporations and make sure they sell their products at the max price possible in the market and have all the raw materials they need.

Each successful corporation is a major asset. Their market value can be very high and they will produce high profits and increase you income.

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