Moving Land based Military Units

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Simcountry is an Online Digital World where you are the President of a country.
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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Moving Land based Military Units

Military units are created at a military base and can be moved to any place in the country. The units cover a distance of 25 once per 5 minutes. They can move a distance of 100 in a single day (20 minutes in the game) and can be redirected repeatedly. Countries measure 200 to 300 from east to west or from north to south and the units can cross the whole country in 40 minutes to an hour.

When moving in a country that allows its entry, (same empire or federation) after permission is granted, it can move undisturbed to the target.

When moving in enemy territory, the unit can move into a next zone if the zone is not occupied and on condition that all bordering zones, (of that zone where it is moving into) are not occupied by any enemy units and there are no enemy weapons stationed in these zones.

If any enemy unit is stationed in one of the zones bordering the zone you want to occupy, or any weapons are deployed by the enemy into any of these zones, the unit will not be able to enter.

A land unit can move into a zone next to an unprotected factory but it cannot move into a zone next to an enemy battalion or military base. Before moving into such a zone, the unit (or another unit or the air force) will have to attack and destroy the enemy military unit or all the weapons stationed at that zone and then move in.

Each zone that was occupied by a military unit you own will be colored red. It will keep the color and will remain yours until it is conquered by a unit from a different country. It will then get a different color or return to the original color. Even if your unit leaves the occupied zone, the zone will remain yours as long as no other unit occupies it. Zone coloring ends with the end of the war.

Units can be surrounded by enemy units and get stuck in enemy territory. If supplies cannot reach them, they might deteriorate and be destroyed as their fighting power can be reduced due to lack of supplies, gasoline or ammunition.

They will have to try to fight their way out or have additional units be sent to the rescue. These units will have to break the blockade and open a way out.

Both fighting parties may move their army units in search of locations that are easier to penetrate into enemy's territory, avoiding a fight with the first line defense and trying to conquer positions inside the country that are not prepared for war.

The defense is expected to concentrate on locations that are closer to the border and move units to locations deeper in its own territory if the invading forces are successful in conquering the border areas.

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