How many corporations can I build?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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How many corporations can I build?

Most countries have between 20 and 120 corporations the number is however unlimited and some have more than 150 corporations. The number depends on the population in the country and on the size of these corporations. Some employ many people, some less. If you look into the unemployment numbers in your country, you may find that you can start more corporations but very soon, you will run out of workers in some of the groups you need for the corporation. Setting up several more will be a problem. Some corporations will not be able to produce at full capacity.

There are however, ways to increase the number of corporations. You can work intensively on the education priorities of your country and try to change the balance of available professionals. If you succeed in educating the right balance in number of workers in all groups, it can result in a possibility for more corporations.

Another way is in trying to reduce the number of workers in each corporation. This can be done by efficiency upgrades in the corporations. The result will be that corporations will use smaller numbers of low and mid level workers and more executives and high-level workers and managers. If your education system is capable of producing the high level workers you need for that, this is a way to go much further and increase the number of corporations. You may also reduce the percentage of hiring in the existing corporations and use the people who were fired in new corporations. This will not help much as these corporations will compete for the same workers and hiring in many of the corporations will remain low.

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