How does the Share Market work?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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How does the Share Market work?

Shares are offered for sale on the market by countries, enterprises and investments funds in each country. Shares are purchased by enterprises, countries and by Investment funds. Both offers to sell and to purchase shares are submitted to the market and trading takes place depending on the prices asked and the bids made by the sellers and buyers.

Depending on the demand and supply, there may be shortage or oversupply of shares and prices will fluctuate. If there is more demand than supply of the shares of some corporation, their price will increase. It can increase by a max of 3-5% per game month.

Similarly, oversupply of shares, will cause their price to drop. It can drop by up to 3-5% per game month.

Share prices may fluctuate many times during a game month and depend on actions by users who offer or request shares all the time.

Users can watch the share market in action. Every traded share is shown with its recent value, history values, the share price, the PE-ratio, the number of share offered and requested, the profit per share, the volume (number of shares traded in the current month) and the best bid and ask prices.

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