I see very low hiring and production levels why does it happen?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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I see very low hiring and production levels why does it happen?

A corporation might be forced to reduce its operations and even stop production altogether if it cannot find the workers it needs. If a corporation needs 10000 high tech seniors and it can hire only 5000, it will reduce it whole staff by 50 percent and its production too. This is the single most frequent reason for corporations to stop production.

Another reason for reduction or a complete stop of production is lack of raw materials. If no raw materials are available, the corporation cannot continue the production. The products must also be sold on the market. If a corporation does not succeed in selling its products, it will reduce its production.

Users may also influence the level of production and can decide to stop it completely. They can also decide to continue production at 100%, provided there are enough workers and raw materials to keep production at that level.

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