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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Purchasing existing corporations

Enterprise CEOs may decide to purchase existing corporations. Corporations may be purchased if they are not National corporations and if they did not change hands in the past 36 months. This means that a corporation can be purchased and repurchased again by another enterprise but there must be a minimum period of 36 game months between such transactions.

When purchasing an existing corporation, you may review a list of all the corporations (One product at a time) that can be purchased. National corporations and ones that changed hands recently are not showing on the list.

It is possible to choose and bid on any of the available corporations. The list is ordered by market value. You can also review all the data on the corporation, its production history, profit and loss history and the change in its market value.

When making a choice, the debt of the corporation and the profit or loss should be reviewed and may influence a bidding decision.

Once a bid is made, it may be corrected or withdrawn in the first several minutes but it becomes definitive shortly afterwards and cannot be changed.

During the bidding process, the corporation may improve or decline and its market value may change. In case the market price changes and becomes higher than the highest bid and no new higher bids are placed, the corporation will not be sold.

Bidders receive messages when their bid is not the highest any more and they may improve their bid. (This is also the case when the market price is becoming higher). The owner of the corporation being targeted will receive a message with the result of the process. It is also possible to automate the increase in the bid price and increase the chance for your bid to succeed.

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