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What is Simcountry?
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Gamemaster Corporations

When an enterprise is abandoned, some corporations may lose their last shareowner who is not an investment fund or enterprise managed by a CEO. Corporations with only investment funds or an Enterprise without a CEO as shareowners are not managed by anyone and will probably fail in time and close.

Such corporations are moved to the ownership of the Four seasons enterprise on each world. The Four Seasons enterprise does not have a CEO and is not managed. There are hundreds of corporations owned by the Four Seasons enterprise in each world and we advise any user who is interested in purchasing a corporation to look into the Four Seasons enterprise, make bids and purchase the corporations

The Gamemaster Corporations enterprise has a very large number of corporations and all these corporations are easy to take over by any CEO with no delay or permission required.

Many of these corporations make products that are in short supply and have 100% production and hiring levels. They have a good potential to generate profits.

It is very easy to move gamemaster corporations to your enterprise. In case of private corporations, it is possible to bid for the corporation. If you win the bid, the corporation is yours immediately. In case of public corporations, buying some of the shares will move the corporation under your control. Investment funds are always eager to sell shares if the price is ok. They consider the price OK if they can make a profit of 20 to 30%.

The largest non-investment funds share holder will control the corporation.

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