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What is Simcountry?
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Private Corporations

Private corporations are ones that are owned by a CEO of an enterprise. Enterprises are large groups of corporations that reside in different countries in the world. An enterprise may not start a new corporation in a country without the president's knowledge or permission. The CEO does not need any permission to start a corporation in a "computer controlled" country.

An enterprise owner may also bid to purchase a state or a private corporation in any country. The bid price starts at the market value of the corporation but other enterprise players may bid for the same corporation and the price may change. The highest bidder will become the owner. The bidding period is around 4 game months. Presidents can block CEOs from bidding for corporations in their country.

Private corporations function in the same way as state owned corporations. They pay a percentage of their income as taxes to the government but they pay part of their revenue after tax to the enterprise owner. (Unlike state corporations that pay their owner, the government.)

In addition, private corporations pay a percentage of their revenue (percentage of the raw income from sales) to the country where they reside. The percentage depends on the quality level of the corporation. This payment represents a major income for the country where they reside and is frequently the reason why country leaders invite CEOs to build and purchase corporations in their country.

When viewing the corporation pages, the group of private corporations is listed separately. The country president is not able to manage the private corporations in his country. It is the enterprise CEO who is managing these corporations.

The CEO has a disadvantage when managing his corporations. Shortage of workers can be corrected by tuning the education system in the country to produce the professionals needed for the industry. A country president is able to do this as he is managing the education system in his country.

Enterprises have their corporations residing in many countries (Not more than six can be purchased in a single country) and they are not able to influence the education system in any of these countries.

As private corporations are major contributors to the economy in the country, it is in the presidents' interest to tune the education system in a way that will also benefit the private corporations in the country.

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