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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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There are more than 200 different products in the game. They vary from food and industrial products to High-tech products and weapons. All products are used in large quantities but there are significant differences in quantities that are being used.

Bread is used by people and all countries purchase bread. Bread is not used in the production of other products and is not purchased by corporations. Weapons too are used only by countries.

Services are used everywhere. People use services, schools use them, the army, and all the corporations too. Corporations use services that are provided by others during the production process. They purchase services or otherwise they will not be able to make their own products.

The consumption of services is very large and more then 1 in 10 corporations in the world is a services corporation.

High-tech services, (Automation, data processing, robotics etc.), are not used by people but mainly by corporations. Most of the purchases of High tech services come from corporations who are using these services as part of their production process.

When you look at the Market page (on the Trading menu and on the left frame) you will see a full list of all the products in the game and the quantities being produced and consumed. Also the number of corporations in the world producing these products is available.

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