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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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Countries may be conquered in war. The situation in a conquered country depends on the will of the empire leader to work on building the economy, increase spending on health, education etc. or concentrate on robbing the country of its resources, money, people and weapons.

The initial period of about 5 years after a country is conquered, is quiet. People do not start rebellions but rather give the empire leader a chance. Following that period, the chance that a rebellion will start depends on the welfare in the country and the performance of the conquering country in the past years.

The chance may be small if the welfare index of the conquered country is very high and may be much larger if the welfare index is low. Rebellions will start in all cases but may be rare and mild.

The damage caused by rebellions increases with time. The first five attacks may be light and hit one or two corporations. Following attacks will become larger and will cause more damage.

The best thing to do when it gets so far is to offer the country for sale on the cash market or let the country free by canceling it. Rebellions will make huge empires hard to maintain. Large empires have higher government costs, which make it financially more difficult to keep a very large empire.

The conditions for a rebellion in a conquered country are:

If there are more than 5 conquered countries, the chance that a rebellion will hit each corporation is 50 * the number of conquered countries / welfare index

Example: If the welfare index is 120, the country is occupied longer than 5 game years and there are 12 conquered countries the chance for a rebellion is 50 * 12 / 120 = 5%. The chance that a corporation will be hit is 5%. This is true for all corporations, including the private corporations in the country.

Rebellions do not affect private and public corporations. Rebellions only damage state and national corporations and leave CEO owned corporations untouched.

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