I see the number of soldiers and officers changing. Is that automatic?

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What is Simcountry?
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What is Simcountry?
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I see the number of soldiers and officers changing. Is that automatic?

The number of soldiers and officers is determined by the military assets of the country. There is a fixed number of officers and soldiers needed to operate these weapons and maintain them. If a country is building a new a defensive airport, or a strategic military base then the number of officers and soldiers in the army will increase. They are recruited to work in these new bases.

The same applies to all the weapons. An Interceptor needs a pilot (in many cases more than one), but also some people on the ground to maintain it, and keep it running during service. When Interceptors are purchased, the army grows. The same applies for all the weapons that are available in the game. When you receive a delivery of such weapons, you will see the size of the defensive, offensive and strategic armies grow accordingly. It depends on what weapons have been purchased.

The size of the army decreases if the number of weapons declines. This can be the case during a war, or as result of selling some of the weapons to others or the result of deactivation part of the army and turning it into a reserve army that can be called back to duty when needed.

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